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We have assembled a dedicated and talented staff ready to serve our community. Our reflective and creative educators bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and we couldn't be more excited about our work. Take a look at our teaching staff on the 3-5, K-2 and Specials page. Please take a look at the Student Support Services and Administrative Support to see the rest of our amazing staff.


Deborah Rudolph

Principal, [email protected]

I grew up in Europe, but then later moved to the United States. I went to college out west and abroad, with an original concentration in dentistry. Then, after working as an orthodontic assistant for several years I realized that seeing my patients sense of dread before and during appointments was not rewarding. I decided to pursue a career in education, and that's when my whole life changed. I have been in the NYC DOE for almost 20 years. I love having the ability to help children achieve their best and seeing the way their minds work. Further, this profession encourages your own growth because to do it well requires your own continuous education. I enjoy hiking and traveling because both activities invite adventure and has made me realize what a tiny place we occupy in the world.


Matthew Brownstein

Assistant Principal, [email protected]

I began my teaching career in East Palo Alto California after graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in Government, History and Economics. During my first teaching job, I was introduced to colleagues and leaders that pushed me to examine how to create meaningful learning opportunities for students in and out of the classroom. In 2011, I moved to New York City to teach at an Expeditionary Learning School where I had the opportunity to create inter-disciplinary and authentic learning experiences for my students. During this time I also was working on a School Building Leadership degree at Queens College. Upon completion of this degree, I became an Assistant Principal in East Harlem. My work in a variety of educational settings across the country and over the years has strengthened my belief that we must work to create schools that prepare students to take responsibility for their community and for their own learning.


Sheryl Weatherspoon

Assistant Principal, [email protected]

College: University of Maryland, College Park

I was born in Jamaica (the country, not Queens) and came to America at the age of 4, just in time for elementary school. Similar to our PS330Q families, my family placed a strong emphasis on hard work and education. Elementary school laid my foundation academically, and also allowed me to make sense of this wonderful country in a safe and nurturing environment. My favorite memory was getting the leading role in my first grade play as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (still one of my top life moments). What brings me to PS 330Q? My goal is to ensure our students have similar enriching learning experiences and reach their greatest potential!




Sulay Tapia

Parent Coordinator, s[email protected]

 Social Worker



David Ortiz

Social worker, [email protected]

Guidance Counselor



 Jenniffer Acosta   

Guidance Counselor, [email protected]